Careers in Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd

Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd. offer opportunities for growth that can fill a career. Careers at Satnam Global are built in course of our concept of forming a team of people or individuals who are made responsible for specific functions; from concept to development to implementation, with concomitant empowerment.

Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd. provides employees seamless merging of functional roles, to provide a sharper business focus & groom employees for larger responsibility across industry sector.

We believe, working smarter would mean not just doing a given job well, but also stretching it into a mini profit-making project.

As the transition from the old HRD to the New People Management has materialized, the HR function at Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd. has begun to play a role much broader in scope, much stronger in impact & much more permanent in effect.

Please drop the resume for bright future with Satnam Global Infraprojects Ltd. :
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